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Offset your carbon footprint while you travel

PeruTourism is committed to the local communities where we operate. This commitment takes the form of continually complying with good practices in sustainable tourism for the protection and the benefit of the environment.

As part of our commitment to promoting sustainable tourism, our clients now have the chance to offset their carbon footprint while traveling in South America, thereby helping to preserve natural reserves located in the Amazon rainforest, “lung of the planet” and site of incredible biodiversity.

All our programs include a US$10 bond, equivalent to 1 ton of carbon. This way you will be contributing to the conservation projects that SERNANP (National Service for Protected Areas) Perutourism and Aider NGO (Association for Research and Integral Development) will be supporting in the Bahuaja-Sonene and Tambopata protected areas in the Peruvian Amazon.

Our Client´s Experiences

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If you are in a hurry or simply want our travel specialists to create a personalized tour just for you, this is your perfect option. Feel free to ask for as many details for your itinerary and do not hesitate to request rare or unfrequent services. Whether a ride on balloon over the Sacred Valley or surf classes at Mancora beach, or maybe a private visit to a colonial mansion, we have a travel network all over Peru that assures you that all your solicitudes will be matched.

Although, if you prefer to choose from a pre-designed tour and then personalize it, check our Destination Tours.

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