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Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca

An exciting experience: Machu Picchu and the Lake Titicaca. During the excursion of the last you will visit its famous floating islands and get in touch with its friendly people. The trip continues towards one of the marvels of the World, Machu Picchu, where you will enjoy its splendid beauty, and incomparable energy.

Trip Highlights

  • Your experience begins in the Sacred Valley of the Incas for a gradual acclimatization to height.
  • The visit to Machu Picchu includes the train ride in superior class and buffet lunch in one of the best restaurants in town.
  • This program will show you our living cultures with whom you will share their daily experiences spending a night in the Lake Titicaca in a nontraditional experience.

Schedule by Day

  • Day 1 Lima
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Lima.
  • Day 2 Lima - City tour
    • Our guided visit to Lima allows you to see the Historical Center: Main Square, the Government Palace, the Archbishop's Palace, the City Hall and old streets with colonial mansions and Moorish balconies. You will also visit the historic Santo Domingo Convent , an icon of colonial architecture. The tour goes all the way to modern district of San Isidro and Miraflores, where you’ll appreciate archaeological sites of sacred Inca structures and also, you will observe the Pacific Ocean coast from the vast seafront.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Lima.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 3 Lima – Cusco - Sacred Valley
    • Located 35 kilometers (22 miles) Northwest of Cusco, the town of Chinchero is located over the foundations of an important Incan center from late 1400. Colofully dressed, the people of Chinchero gather in the main square to exchange food, and offer the visitors with a series of regional handicrafts surrounded by a stunningly beautiful landscape.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Cusco.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 4 Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu
    • Half day visit to Ollantaytambo, a military, religious and agricultural center of the Incan Empire. The fortress is located on top of a mountain to allowed them to protect the whole valley from invaders. From the highest spot you will be able to appreciate the narrow roads along with the channels that remain unaltered since Incan times.
    • Transfer to Ollantaytambo train station to take the ride to Machu Picchu town.
    • Arrival time in Machu Picchu.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Machu Picchu.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 5 Machu Picchu - Cusco
    • Today you will start your Machu Picchu excursion with a private guide. This incredible place is a renowned example of the advanced Inca’s architecture, surrounded by an amazing landscape of lush forest. Lost in history, Machu Picchu was not discovered until 1911 by the American explorer Hiram Bingham, but was built in the middle of XV century. The name of the citadel comes from the Quechua language that means “Old Mountain” and apparently was the principal Inca’s Sanctuary. Enjoy a buffet lunch at Sanctuary lodge.
    • At the appointed time, you will return to the station to take your train ride back to Cusco.
    • Transfer from the train station to the hotel in Cusco.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Cusco.
    • Included: Breakfast, lunch.
  • Day 6 Cusco - City tour
    • Get to know the city of Cusco, an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site and possessor of a style on its own. The tour begins at the Koricancha Temple, an old Incan palace and main center for the worship of the sun god, Inti. Once the Spanish conquered Peru, the Dominican order built a lovely church over top this temple’s foundations: the church of Santo Domingo that is still there today. Your next destination is the Main Square, and then the adventure continues at the Sacsayhuaman Fortress built of enormous stone blocks expertly shaped by the Incas. It is strategically located at the top of a hill overlooking Cusco. What a view of the city! The tour continues with visits to three archeological sites: “Qenko, Puca-Pucara, and Tambomachay”, important religious and administrative centers for the Incas. Finally you will visit an art workshop named “Inkas Expression” that presents artists working on silver pieces and painting in wood. This is an ideal place for the ones who like andean art.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Cusco.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 7 Cusco - Puno
    • Transfer from the hotel to the bus station.
    • Depart in the morning on a special bus to Puno. During the trip you will appreciate the nearby valleys and wonderful landscapes. The route includes a stop at La Raya's pass (14107 ft. above the sea), natural boundary between Cusco and Puno, where you will get excellent photographic shots of the Andean snowcapped mountains. Then you will have a stopover at Raqchi ruins, known as the Temple of God Wiracocha. You will visit the Checacupe church, built in the XVII century, one of the most beautiful churches in Cusco; it has the particularity of having the oldest image of the Immaculate Conception in the entire Cusco and probably of America. This image has a Romanesque style with Byzantine influences. You will also see the arch bridge of Checacupe, a colonial construction that rises above the Pitumarca river. Lunch on the route.
    • Upon your arrival, transfer to your hotel.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Puno.
    • Included: Breakfast, lunch.
  • Day 8 Puno - Uros - Amantani
    • Transfer to Uros, these floating islands are occupied by people known as the "Water Tribe" because they have built their own "Island" by adding periodically new layers of "Totora" a type of marram-grass very typical from this place. Then you will be transferred to Amantani Island, after a welcome you will take lunch with locals. At appropriate time you will start a hike, where you will appreciate the local culture and customs. Then you will arrive to Pachatata ceremonial center, a place where Amantani's habitants deposit every year their ritual offerings. In front it is another center called Pachamama, where the rituals and worships are offered to the cosmic deities. Return to a family house to take a typical dinner and overnight.
    • Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Day 9 Amantani - Taquile - Puno
    • After a typical breakfast, transfer to Taquile Island where you will have a four hours visit. Upon your arrival you will start a hike where you will appreciate the wonderful natural sightseeings, then ascend through a regular pendant slope to arrive to the town, there you will visit the Handicraft Center where you can buy a great variety of handmade issues with very colorful and delicate designs. At proper time transfer to Puno, this time you will descend 533 stone steps to reach the main port where you will get on board for a 2.50 hours trip to Puno city. Upon arrival transfer to the selected hotel.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Puno.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 10 Puno - Lima
    • This day You will visit Chucuito, the fertility temple, 18 km. from Puno. Afterwards you will have a Puno city tour: the Military Museum Yavary, the National College, the front of the Cinema of Puno, the Main Square and the Cathedral.
    • At the appropriate time, transfer to the airport to take the flight back to Lima.
    • Upon your arrival, reception at the airport and transfer to your hotel.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Lima.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 11 Lima
    • transfer to the airport for your international flight back home.


  • 3 nights of accommodation in Lima at selected hotel.
  • 1 night of accommodation in Sacred Valley at selected hotel.
  • 1 night of accommodation in Machu Picchu at selected hotel.
  • 2 nights of accommodation in Cusco at selected hotel.
  • 2 nights of accommodation in Puno at selected hotel.
  • 1 night of accommodation at a Local homestay in the island.




Additional Tours In Cusco

  • Full Day South Valley
    • Southeast of Cusco is the Tipon archeological center. Your excursion today includes a tour of the site to see long stone canals built by the Incans, representing the height of their hydraulic engineering skill. Afterwards, it’s a visit to Pikillacta, one of the most important Pre-Incan archeological centers. Next on the itinerary is Andahuaylillas town and its precious 17th century church that is a spectacular expression of Andean Baroque architecture.
  • The Barroco Route
    • You will be transferred from the city of Cusco to the city of Huaro to visit “La Capilla de la Virgen Purificada de Canincunca”, a chapel located next to Urcos Lagoon. This small church has some incredibly beautiful mural paintings which really makes it stand out. After that, you will continue towards the San Juan Bautista de Huaro Church, where you will be able to partake upon an amazing choir, reminiscent of colonial times. You will then head to Andahuaylillas to visit the San Pedro Apostol Church, emblematic of the location and known as the “American Sistine Chapel”. Although this church is famous for its beautiful murals, it is also one of the most astounding examples of religious popular Andean art. The tour will then head towards Pikillacta, where you will be able to visit on of the most important pre Inca archaeological complexes. Finally, you will head to the archaeological complex of Tipon, where you will have an amazing view of the stone canals that were built by the Incas. These canals represent the incredible abilities they had with regards to hydraulic engineering. A box lunch is included.

Additional Tours In Puno

  • Lampa Excursion
    • LAMPA
    • Lampa,is known as "The Pink City" due to its colorful homes made out of clay and also for maintaining its colonial structures in tis surroundings like the beautiful temple of Santiago Apostol. At the Chapel you can find the only replica of the famous piece of art "La Piedad" by Miguel Angel Buonarroti.
  • Sillustani Tombs
    • Visit for 45 minuts to the famous indian tombs of Sillustani, 22 miles from Puno, at the shores of the Lake Umayo. These tombs, also called chulpas, are circular tower-shaped are where the religious leaders ofthe Tiahuanaco culture were buried 400 years ago.

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