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Peru is a bio-energetic centre of great power. This bio energy possesses a powerful healing effect and provides the visitor of strength of mind. Since ancient times, the relationship between the Andean people and everything that surrounds them have been a special bond tied by a powerful mystic strenght. Discover how important is the mother earth or the high mountains in this 14 days tour.
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You will enjoy:
  • The mixture between colonial and modern Lima.
  • Return to the past at the islands of the Titicaca Lake.
  • Cusco, the center of the world, and the citadel of Machu Picchu.
  • The unique beauty of the amazon rainforest.
  • Rituals and ceremonies on different locations all over your trip.
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KUNAQ SAYS... (meet him here!)

All around Peru, from the shamans at the northern coast that dwells at caves, to the Andean shamans that venerates the coca leaf and calls the Apus (the God hills) and the forestal shaman that makes us discover our inner selves with ayahuasca, there is mysticism and magic.

But this is not questionable witchcraft. It is a way to get more in touch with nature, with the past and with ourselves, a way to trascend, to grow, to stay.

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