26 Fantastic Reasons To Pack Your Bags And Visit Peru Right Now

  • Posted on: 11 November 2015
  • By: administrador

1. Machu Picchu is truly incredible but ther´s much more to Peru.


2. Like the Nazca Lines, which are 100 times cooler than Stonehenge.

About 970 ancient geoglyphs and biomorphs exist on the Nazca desert plains, with figures of a hummingbird, trapezoids, and more. There’s even many rumors as to how they were made.


3. And the paradise of Tarapoto, which is only an hour away from Lima by plane.

If you want to experience the Amazon without going there, just stay here.


4. You’ll wish you lived in Peru so you could be served the freshest ceviche every day.

Ceviche is a fresh raw fish meal, stewed in citrus and peppers. The meat is usually tender and soft and perfect to eat after a hot day.


5. And nowhere else in the world has a meat dish as hearty and delicious as lomo saltado.

The stir-fry dish consists of steak, red onion, tomato, vinegar, and french fries — what could be more perfect?!


6. There’s even pollo a la brasa, a dish so simple, you’ll want to eat it for every meal.

A type of rotisserie chicken that many will either eat as is or with a fresh avocado salad ‘cause you want to feel slightly healthy ya know?


7. Then there’s new drinks to try like the pisco sour, which tops a piña colada any day.

The pisco sour is a brandy drink, made with lemon juice, egg whites and angostura. You’ll be surprised how strong it is but not at how quickly you gulp it down.


8. Or have a beer, like an ice-cold Cusquena — the more refreshing version of Miller Lite in Peru.

Has it been a long day? Perfect, drink a Cusquena and you will be much more hoppy.


9. Then there’s the fruit of Peru like lucuma, which is regularly eaten as an ice cream.

Depending on where you go, you’ll either get lucuma powder or pulp mixed into an ice cream. You’ll be begging for this instead of fro-yo in no time.


10. Or chirimoya, a fruit straight out of Willy Wonka that can taste like a banana, strawberry, pineapple or all three.

If you’re a human that likes fruits and all things happy in the world, your life is incomplete without tasting this fruit native to the Andes.


11. And of course, aguaje — a fruit that tastes like butter.

While the skin is inedible, you just peel it off and eat the flesh! It’s like eating popcorn, but without the microwave.

Sure they spit and bite, but that’s their way of showing their love.


13. Peru also has alpacas, who were once used by the Incas, so yeah they roll with ROYALTY.


14. Forget the Grand Canyon — the Cotahuasi Canyon is where it’s at.

It is the world’s deepest canyon, reaching a depth of 11,597 feet.


15. Seeing the Cathedral of Santo Domingo will be a religious experience, even if you’re not that into religion.


16. And going for a boat ride on Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America, will make you wonder why you ever thought a visit to the Great Lakes was enough.


17. Visiting the Government Palace of Peru is like entering a gorgeous Disney movie.

Yes, it actually looks like that and no, you can’t spend a night there.


18. If you’re a fan of potatoes, Peru has roughly over 4,000 varieties.

The Andes region is actually like a box of chocolates — you never know what kind of potato you’re going to get.

19. Experiencing the Nazca Desert is like something out of a dream you hope to never wake from.


20. And you’ll constantly stumble into places that are frozen in time.


21. There’s a rare red beach at the Paracas National Reserve that you need to see to believe.

Its color is due to “ancient volcanic activity after eruptions that struck the Pacific, producing a type of clay with that color as the sand component.”

22. Don’t you dare miss the Magic Water Circuit show, in the Parque de la Reserva in Lima — it feels like a private show.


23. But most importantly, there’s the people.


24. Peruvian people come in all forms and meeting one will show you how happy Peruvians are to share their culture.


25. The smiling faces will make you want to cancel your return ticket home.


26. But no worries, once you’ve been to Peru, part of you will never leave — ¡Que viva Peru!


VIA: Buzzfeed