Making Travel Connections Online

  • Posted on: 29 December 2015
  • By: administrador

Making Travel Connections Online

Taking their inspiration from web sites like Facebook and OkCupid, a flourishing category of social sites is aiming to connect travelers. A handful of newcomers striving to make touring a city full of strangers a little more friendly.


You want to stay in an upscale hotel but you’re traveling on your own and simply can’t afford it. Enter Easynest. This new Web site aims to help like-minded adventurers meet and split the cost of a hotel room. You sign up with your Facebook account and then, like a dating site, create a profile with a description of yourself. Users are also encouraged to add links to their external social networks.


A nascent social network for travelers around 18 to 35, this site allows members to share accommodations, luggage lockers, travel tips or a cup of coffee in a foreign city with friends and friends of friends. For solo travelers, the provides an extra layer of security by connecting them with friendly faces in unfamiliar places, which is why the site intentionally limits users to friends and their friends, you get the best of both worlds: the reliability of friends, and the excitement of meeting someone new.”


Want to sort all your Facebook friends by country? Sign up for this new tool from Facebook and you can do just that by typing “current countries of my friends” into the search bar on your page. International flags will appear along with the names of friends who live there. Graph search also allows you to find friends and friends of friends with the same interests. For instance, you can search for “friends of friends who like traveling” and essentially create your very own personal travel network.


Introduced in Paris in 2010, Voulez Vous Dîner encourages people in cities around the world to cook meals in their apartments and houses for travelers who would rather pay for a home-cooked meal with a local resident. You can register to cook or attend a meal, which you can sort based on price ($0 to upward of $200) and theme like organic food or culture.

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