5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job to Travel Now

  • Posted on: 18 January 2016
  • By: administrador

5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job to
Travel Now

#1 The US Dollar - Euro Exchange Rate is at a 10-year best.

That means your USD are going a lot further, not just in Europe but everywhere.

#2 Air travel may be as cheap as it will ever get.

Gas is cheap (oil is down to $51.14 a barrel) and airline miles will never take you further, and the good news is, analysts are saying the price of airfare will continue to drop in 2015.
#3 Traveling has definitely never been easier.

You can now book from your phone everything, can get phone calls from anywhere on earth, withdraw money from ATM’s also anywhere. The world is accessible to travelers than ever before.

#4 You've put it off long enough.

How long have you been thinking " I want to visit, Machu Picchu for example?” and how much have you done to make it happen? And if you've been putting off travel all these years it's time to sit down and seriously contemplate what you think is stopping you.

#5 You are too comfortable (and this will only get worse).

So break out of your routine now, while you can. Waiting will only make it harder.

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