Come dream with me in this charming trip, first Peru, to explore the enigmatic Machu Picchu citadel and the enchanting Lima. Then in Argentina, Buenos Aires and its elegance that is revealed in its streets, its people, its tango, and then its wine route in the Mendoza Region, framed by snowcapped mountains and filled with a seemingly endless number of vineyards. .

Lima’s Cathedral

This is the Lima’s Cathedral; you will visit it on the firsts days of your trip. Do you know it was rebuilt in 1758 after an earthquake? It is a main feature of the capital city’s central Plaza de Armas. Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, who founded the city in 1535, designed the Plaza de Armas and is buried in the cathedral.

Peruvian Food

During your time in Peru you have to try its delicious gastronomy to understand why it is the new Gastronomic Capital of Latin America.

Cusco City

It is time to move the party to the ancient Cusco city. Imagine taking a walk in its Main Square, and where you will find this beautiful fountain that blocks the sun in Cusco, which in the early days of the Inca Empire housed only nobles, officials, and their retinues; everyone else was relegated to 12 satellite towns.

Sacsayhuaman Fortress

Near Cusco you will visit the Inca fortress of Sacsahuaman. Back in the days it was nearly impenetrable, thanks to its massive walls and sawtooth design. A Spanish chronicler wrote that ¡20,000 people labored on the stonework! Can you imagine that.

Almost there!

Hiram Bingham

For many, a trip to Machu Picchu is a once in a lifetime experience. Taking the Belmond Hiram Bingham assures you a magical journey, never to be forgotten. This is the most luxury train experience you will live!

Hiram Bingham

Decorated in the style of 1920s Pullman carriages, each has been furnished in polished wood and brass with large comfortable armchairs. The bar car is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail accompanied by live Peruvian music.

Machu Picchu

And the time has arrived! Welcome to Machu Picchu citadel. Did you know it was hidden from the outside world for hundreds of years?

Machu Picchu

Experts believe that Machu Picchu was one in a series of royal Inca estates built in the Urubamba Valley. To researchers, the site’s multiple observation points suggest that the Inca worshipped the sun, and its location, surrounded by rivers and mountains, indicates a reverence for nature.


The last leg of this dream trip has started, now you are at Plaza de la República, in Buenos Aires, where the iconic obelisk is located. The monument was built in 1936 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the city’s founding.

Colon Theater

The Teatro Colón is the main opera house in Buenos Aires. It is ranked the third best opera house in the world by National Geographic, and is acoustically considered to be amongst the five best concert venues in the world. Would you like to assist to a concert here?

Buenos Aires nightlife

While other cities sleep, darkness makes Buenos Aires come alive. One thing you'll notice immediately in this city is that nightlife is a huge part of the Porteño experience (people from Buenos Aires refer to themselves as porteños, port people).


Now is time to travel to Mendoza, the World Wine Capital, it is the main winemaking province of Argentina, and has more than 395,000 acres of vineyards. It is undoubtedly a center of reference for the wine industry in Argentina and South America.


Nestled in the foothills of the Andes where cool breezes flow and ample valley views abound, this wine region has turned into Mendoza’s new superstar. Take a deep breath of cool, clean air. Free your mind.


This is your chance to taste the best wines of the region. This is the best and most fun way to learn about the rich culture of wine.

This is a bit of what you will enjoy in this unique trip

Es Argentina
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