Peru has three out of the eight Lost Cities in Earth: Machu Picchu, Chan Chan and Caral. These archaeological sites are among the world's most fascinating cities to visit.

Machu Picchu is the world's most famous lost city largely unknown to the outside world until its discovery in 1911. Caral is one of the most ancient lost cities across America and its unique characteristic is that it featured a large central public area that was surrounded by platforms or stone circles. Finally Chan Chan, is the biggest city in pre-Columbian America.

In Perú, among other activities you can turn into Dr. Henry Walton also known as "Indiana Jones” and take a trip to discover the treasures and history of this ancient places... read more.

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Caral, the oldest city of America

Please click in the video to watch an exclusive video to learn more about Caral, the recently discovered oldest civilization of America.

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Good News

A few days ago, this United States citizen couple was reported "missed" in Peruvian territory by their relatives, since they last contacted their families on January 25th. At the same time, some American people was reportedly "kidnaped" in remote areas of the peruvian andes, these facts brought as a result a Warning Alert from the US Goverment about the security in the country.

Fortunately, the situation begins to be clarified, yesterday the couple were found on board a boat on the Napo River, near a place called Angoteros. There, they spoke to the police and were surprised by all of the questions. They eventually asked what was going on and the police told them that they were considered missing persons. Although we are all relieved with the good news, the sad thing is that due this new our country's image was affected since the US Government launched a warning about our security. Please kindly LIKE and SHARE this information in your Facebook walls or any other social network to help us spread the news and put Peru’s image back in the right place.

Editor´s Note: PeruTourism doesn't operate in any off the beaten track areas in any of the destinations of the countries we offer to our clients. During our 29 years in the touristic market our main goal is and will always be to tailor made the perfect trip to our clients, full of good memories framed with excellent services and safety.


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On behalf of the Miguel Lahura, President of the Company, CEO Rosario Chahud and the rest of the staff we want to congratulate Viviana Santillan for her excellent work during 2012. Her hard work, responsibility, compromise, creativity and effort to offer the best experience to our clients, made her achieved her annual sales prize, which turns her into the Best Travel Specialist of PeruTourism!

Congratz Viviana! We are happy to have you onboard, you make us feel proud and we are sure you are ready for your next challenge. .