The Festival of the Sun

Every year on the 24th of June Cusco celebrates the festival of Inti Raymi. This festival was celebrated by the Incas as the Festival of the Sun where the God of the Sun Wiracocha is honored. The Inti Raymi symbolizes the eternal consecration of marriage between the Sun and his sons, the human beings. It was the most important festival of the Inca Empire which based its religion on the cult of the Sun…Read more.


Video the Month

Check this sneak peek of the millenary Inti Raymi festival. Take this trip in time with us this June!.

Press Release

Grimanesa’s Anticucho Stall

Time Magazine asked to its correspondents and regular travel contributors to open up their little black books and share some of their favorite getaways and hideaways for MIND, BODY and SOUL. One of these special spots is located in Lima and it is part of a story full of courage, effort and persistence..Read more.


Inside Perutourism

Marisi's Travel Chronicles

One of the best parts of being a Travel Specialist is to offer to our clients the perfect trip and show them the best destinations Peru has. But in order to do it, it is really important to visit them, and that is also a great part of the job! To travel is really neat… Read More.