Five Reasons to Travel Solo

Traveling solo doesn't mean traveling alone; it means camaraderie, traveling with like-minded travelers who share similar interests, enjoying the spirit of travel that makes exploring the world a necessary part of life.

Most people travel exclusively with their companions and have not given solo travel a try. This could be a mistake, because solo travel is one of the most exhilarating, enriching, and personally challenging experiences you can have. If you haven’t given solo travel a try, we seriously recommend…Read more.


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Peru, the Beginning

The amazing world of the Peruvian ancient cultures, and how all it all started. Before the Inca culture set his hegemony over a great area of South America, there were other groups setting the foundations of what turned into the greatest pre hispanic empire in America.

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How to Ward Off Jet Lag in Five Easy Steps

Jet lag is a serious problem not only for business travelers, but also those who want to squeeze the most out of well-deserved vacations. There isn't a special formula that eliminates jet lag, but by taking these simple steps you can help get your body get back on track as you traverse time zones..Read more.



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Father’s Day

Every year, during the third Sunday of June in Peru we celebrate Father’s Day. At the office we have only one father to celebrate, he is Miguel Lahura, the president of the company. This year, the Friday prior the date, we made him a gathering with wine and adelicious buffet. We gave him his favorite perfume, Allure by Channel, as a present for being for us like a father at the office, always encouraging us to do our best and follow our dreams. Happy Father’s day out there, to all our father friends!