Filled up in-between, Chile has volcanoes, geysers, beaches, lakes, rivers, steppe and countless islands. But don’t forget that Chile is as much about character as it is setting. Its far-flung location fires the imagination and has been known to make poets out of barmen, dreamers out of presidents and friends out of strangers…Read more.


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Chile is Good for you

Chile, is undoubtedly a gem in the South America horizon. A place full of the most impressive sightseeings, mystic history and unbelievable getaways. If the article above caught your interest, then watch this video and you fall for this amazing country and let us know if you need any assistance on planning a trip hard to forget. Click here.

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DOs  and DONTs for a visit to Chile

•Do not be offended by Chileans asking personal questions. Be willing to devote a fair amount of time talking about family, friends and your background.

•Do not go empty-handed to anyone’s home. Gift-giving is a popular custom in all of Latin America.

•Do not give scissors or knives as a gift which indicates severing the relationship. Open a gift upon receipt. Gifts for children are greatly appreciated...Read more.



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