It is our 30th Anniversary!
Yes, on November 15th we will have 30 years working on making dream trips to Peru come true. Three decades ago, Miguel Lahura, an Engineer and then an Economic graduated from Harvard, opened a small office in downtown Lima with just a few people to help him start with his dream, a company focus in sell Peru, but making each and every trip different according to the client’s expectations. …Read more.


Video the Month

Machu Picchu Decoded

This is an amazing documentary of the National Geographic about the origins and purpose of the enigmatic Machu Picchu citadel. How without the knowledge of the iron or wheel did the Incas were able to build such a master piece on a top of a mountain? Watch the first of this four part documentary, and see what the archaeologist had discovered.

PeruTourism Travel Tips

Tips to visit Machu Picchu

- Plan ahead. Some things are best done on the fly, but visiting Machu Picchu is not one of them.

- Consider hiking to the Inca Bridge, Sun Gate, instead of Huayna Picchu, its much less crowded and have great views!

- Change money in Cusco city before your departure to Machu Picchu, although you can do it in Aguas Calientes, the small town on the bottom of the hill, you can get a less rate there. ...Read more.



Inside Perutourism

Meet our new Girls!

We are happy to introduce you two new members of our staff of Travel Specialists; they are Ana Galvez and Mirella Calderon. Both of them have a degree in Tourism and Hospitality and lots of experience working in the business. They are cheerful, kind and responsible young ladies, very creative and willing to help you design the best Peruvian experience according to your expectations and comments. Welcome ladies, we are happy to have you onboard!