Love in the time of the Incas.
We all know that the Incas were great engineers, architects and astronomers. Leaders with great organizational skills, and fierce warriors. However, there are a few times when we have the opportunity to read about their view on love.

We have to start by saying that during the Inca Empire the marriage was a matter of government, an administrative act and not necessarily religious one, and being married was the normal status of an adult male, including the priests. In general marriage was associated with adulthood (between 15 and 20 years) and the obligation to pay taxes....Read more.


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The Inca empire gold

This is an excellent History Channel documentary about the origins of the legendary Incas. How they reached the continent, its settlement, development and expansion throughout most of South America. Worth a look! Turn on the English captions.

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How To Sleep Better On A Plane

Sleeping on an airplane often requires more effort than it does relaxation, but it is absolutely worth it. Late night flights are called "red eyes" for a reason, and no matter how energetic or fit you may be, muscling through your day on minimal sleep is never a good idea. That said, late-night flights are also an extremely practical way to get more bang for your vacation buck. The key is to have a system for getting some shuteye between runways. Here are a few tips that can make nodding off considerably easier...Read more



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PeruTourism Ambassadors in Cusco

Two of the most warriors of our Travel Specialists, Romina Acosta and Angelica Vasquez lived an amazing adventure a few weeks ago, when they hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. During the four days trek they did not only make an inspection work of the equipment and services we provide during this exciting tour, but also had the opportunity to meet and discover the impressive archaeological sites built by the Incas along the way. In his blog Romina, have wonderful photos that show the experience, check it out!...Read more