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We liked the whole tour very much

Review by CASTILLO Carlos on 2022-04-13 for a customized tour designed by Mesalina Ortiz


Dear Mesalina:
Just to let you know that we are finally home again. We liked the whole tour very much and I want to thank you for keeping an eye on us and our transfers, everything went according to schedule and everywhere we were treated very well. We are looking forward to return to Bolivia where the attention was really spectacular and we think we missed places to visit such as Sucre, Tarija (for the wines), and Santa Cruz. So, God willing, we intend to return and maybe combine with the Galapagos and Cuenca in Ecuador, and also taking advantage of the trip to visit the Amazon region (Ikitos could be). Thank you very much again for your attentions and I hope soon we will start planning together the next trip.

I send you a hug.
Best regards
Carlos Castillo



It was a very nice experience

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¡All was incredible!

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By: ONETO Adrián
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