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Superlative service for an outstanding trip

Review by Ray WILSON on 2019-02-25 for a customized tour designed by Viviana Santillan


Experiences 1/1

I am pleased to share our travel experience provided by and Viviana, our consultant. We chose the private guide option. The provided local guides were professional in dress and demeanor, very knowledgeable, adjusted to our interests and always on time. Our guides appeared to be quite superior to other English-speaking guides that we observed. Everything was provided as promised. Our overall evaluation of our experiences is very outstanding.

Now, I want to share the parts of our experience that go far beyond merely outstanding. Viviana gave us identification cards for the provided medical insurance. I didn’t expect to need the cards, never needing medical attention while traveling in more than 40 countries. Unexpectedly, I needed medical attention in the middle of our trip and spent a night in a clinic hooked up to IV fluids and medications. Viviana adjusted our schedule and rebooked guides and accommodations to maximize our remaining time. A few minutes before boarding our return flight to Houston, my wife was hit by the same bug. Again, the medical insurance became very valuable. Viviana immediately booked us into an airport hotel until we were able to return home.

Words are inadequate to describe our gratitude for how Viviana and PeruTourism handled our entire trip, including the unexpected. They certainly have our highest recommendation.



Very happy with the trip

We all returned home, exhausted but so so so so pleased with the trip you and the staff arranged for us. READ MORE

By: Charles Spence
Thank you, we had a terrific time.

I think you put a great programme together for us and it was very very well organised overall. READ MORE

By: Nigel Bianco
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