Dear Friends,

We are pleased to present our website: PeruTourism©, specially designed to provide tourists with all the travel information needed to enjoy the best of Peru, it is a starting point to offer you a tailored trip with the highest quality services in the market.

Since 1983 we are proud to be the first Travel Agency in Peru specialized in custom made journeys to Cusco, Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca, the Amazon, tailoring them to meet the highest expectations offering outstanding service levels . Forget about packages, it's time to create your own dream travel to Peru!

Our network in Peru which includes hotels, tourist guides, transport companies, tour operators, travel information centers among others, is the most complete and the best in the country. With over 34 years’ experience, we are qualified to offer you 24/7 assistance during your travel to Peru, our fully satisfied customers can certify that, our commitment is not to provide you a good travel service, our commitment is to provide you with one of the BEST EXPERIENCE of your life.

Welcome to the magic of Peru and Machu Picchu!

Miguel A. Lahura

If you are in a hurry or simply want our Travel Designers to create a personalized tour just for you, this is your perfect option. Feel free to ask for as many details for your itinerary and do not hesitate to request rare or unfrequent services. Whether a ride on balloon over the Sacred Valley or surf classes at Mancora beach, or maybe a private visit to a colonial mansion, we have a travel network all over Peru that assures you that all your solicitudes will be matched. Although, if you prefer to choose from a pre-designed tour and then personalize it, check our Destination Tours.

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