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  • Visitors to Machu Picchu are entering the archaeological site normally.
  • The railway between Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu is operating normally.
  • In Cusco, Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport is operating normally.
  • In Arequipa, Alfredo Rodriguez Ballon Airport is operating normally.
  • In Puno, Inca Manco Capac Airport resume operations.
  • The road from Lima to Ica, Paracas and Nazca is open to normal traffic.
  • Lima airport has been operating normally every day.
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Total Peru

20 day program

You will live a complete experience through the most beautiful places of Peru. Enjoy Lima, surprise yourself with a flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines, go deep to the Colca Canyon, navigate to the past in the islands of Lake Titicaca, visit the Lord of Sipan tomb and enjoy the biodiversity of the infinite rainforest. At the end, feel the magic of Machu Picchu, full of energy from Inca ancestors.

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Schedule by Day

  • Day 1 Lima
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Lima.
  • Day 2 Lima - Chiclayo
    • Our guided visit to Lima allows you to see the Historical Center: Main Square, the Government Palace, the Archbishop's Palace, the City Hall and old streets with colonial mansions and Moorish balconies. You will also visit the historic Santo Domingo Convent , an icon of colonial architecture. The tour goes all the way to modern district of San Isidro and Miraflores, where you’ll appreciate archaeological sites of sacred Inca structures and also, you will observe the Pacific Ocean coast from the vast seafront. Finally you will visit Larco Museum, a private collection that has a collection of treasures from ancient Peru to understand and enjoy more than 5000 years of history through more than 45,000 pieces.
    • Transfer to Lima airport to take the flight to Chiclayo city.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Chiclayo.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 3 Chiclayo - Museums Tumbas Reales
    • Early visit to Tucume, an imposing complex of 26 pyramids of Lambayeque pre inca culture. Then visit its museum, where you get involved with the history of the legendary Naylamp, founder of the culture. This day continues to the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, which is one of the most spectacular museums in America, because of the world famous burial discovered in an ancient adobe pyramid. The museum has the greatest gold artifacts found in the Americas, and finally visit the National Museum of Sican where you will see the daily routine of Sican pre inca cultureal.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Chiclayo.
    • Included: Breakfast, lunch.
  • Day 4 Chiclayo – Trujillo
    • Transfer from the hotel to the bus station to take the bus ride to Trujillo.
    • After a short break, the city tour starts visiting the beautiful colonial mansions in Trujillo. Then visit the Archaeological Museum for an overview of the region’s pre-Columbian cultures.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Trujillo.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 5 Trujillo – Lima
    • This day you will be transfer to the Moche valley, where you will be received by a local family descendant from the ancient inhabitants of the area. Here you will be able to appreciate several artifacts and tombs of Moche pre inca culture at the on-site museum “Huacas de Moche”, which displays various utensils and high artistic ceramics. At the end visit the amazing Moon pyramid, the center of power in the northern coast of Peru during Moche times and the Arco Iris Temple from the Chimu pre inca culture.
    • Then you will visit the archeological complex of Chan Chan. This urban center is the largest pre-Columbian adobe city in pre-Columbian America. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. After this you will continue to Huanchaco, a traditional seaside town, where you can watch the local fishermen on their traditional “Caballitos de Totora” or reed boats.
    • Transfer from the hotel to the airport to take the flight back to Lima.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Lima.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 6 Lima – Nazca Lines - Paracas
    • Upon arrival transfer from the bus station to the hotel.
    • After a short break transfer to the airfield to take the flight over Nazca Lines. During your time in the air you will see several figures of stylized plants and animals drawn in an enormous labyrinth of straight lines, trapezoids, triangles, and spirals scattered about the desert floor that has remained preserved for about 2000 years.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Paracas.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 7 Paracas – Lima
    • Morning transfer to the pier. Departing from Libertador Paracas Hotel's pier, this 2 hour boat ride will lead you to the Ballestas Islands, in front of the Paracas National Reserve. These beautiful islands are home of thousands of migratory birds, including: pelicans, tendrils, gulls among others, which share their habitat with huge groups of sea lions and fur seals. During the excursion you will also see the mysterious designing over the hill, called “El Candelabro” (The Chandelier).
    • Transfer to the bus station to take the bus ride back to Lima.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Lima.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 8 Lima – Arequipa
    • Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Arequipa.
    • In the afternoon you will have around 3 hours tour on Arequipa, also known as the White City, during this tour we will show you all its charms of the main streets and colonial buildings: the main square, the cathedral, La Compañia a Jesuit's church, Santa Catalina convent – which is a city within the city – built on the XVI century and closed to the public for almost 400 years until 1970, and it’s still home of a few nuns. The tour continues to the church and square of San Francisco and Yanahuara area which has a famous lookout where you will have a complete view of the city and enjoy a spectacular view of the Misti Volcano.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Arequipa.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 9 Arequipa – Colca canyon
    • Departure to Colca Valley located over 3,500 meters above the sea. On the way you will cross the Aguada Blanca and Salinas National Reserve, with the highest presence of Andean flora and fauna. The trip continues to Tojra wetlands. Later you will cross Patapampa which is a land located over 4,800 meters above the sea where you will find the “Mirador de los Andes”, a strategic point to see the cordillera Chila with great volcanoes: Mismi, Chucura, Huaracante, and far away the Ubinas, Misti, Chachani, Ampato, Sabancaya and Hualca Hualca. To continue you will arrive at Chivay town and you will be transferred to the selected accommodation.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Chivay.
    • Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Day 10 Colca canyon – Puno
    • After breakfast, you will start the journey through the main towns of the valley until the first stop at Yanque, where you will appreciate typical dances. You can also take a short walk along a path at the edge of the canyon.
    • Then you will departure to “La Cruz del Condor”, the best spot to observe the deepness of the canyon (3,400 meters deep, 124 miles length) and also see the majestic fly of the condor. There is not an exactly time to see them, it can be at any time; sometimes it depends on luck and patience. On the way back you will visit some interesting places such as: Pre -Inca's hanging tombs, lookout of terraces, Pinchollo and Maca towns where you will have a short stop to take pictures of the landscapes. You will arrive at Chivay for lunch; and at appropriate time you will be transferred to Puno.
    • Upon your arrival, transfer to the hotel.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Puno.
    • Included: Breakfast, lunch.
  • Day 11 Puno - Uros - Taquile
    • After breakfast, you will take a two-hour excursion across the Titicaca Lake until the unique floating island of Uros. The ancient habitants of this lake, known as the "Water Tribe", have built their own "island" by adding periodically new layers of “Totora” a type of a marram-grass very typical from this place, their houses and boats are made of this material too. After you can experience some of the ancient traditions of the local people, you will continue your boat trip to Taquile Island. You will arrive by the after side of the island to start a hike where you will appreciate the wonderful natural sightseeing, then ascend through a regular pendant slope to arrive to the town, there you will visit the Handicraft Center where you can buy a great variety of handmade tissues with very colorful and delicate designs. At proper time you will be transferred to Puno. At your arrival transfer to your hotel.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Puno.
    • Included: Breakfast, lunch.
  • Day 12 Puno – Cusco
    • At the appropriate time, transfer to the bus station to departure for an eight hours trip towards Cusco, the Inka Express bus will stop in some interesting places such as Raqchy Temple and some old Inca constructions. You will contemplate marvelous landscapes and typical animals like llama and alpaca that will make your journey an unforgettable one.
    • Transfer from the bus station to the hotel.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Cusco.
    • ncluded: Breakfast, lunch.
  • Day 13 Cusco
    • Transfer to Lima airport.
    • Upon your arrival at the airport you will be transferred to your hotel.
    • Get to know the city of Cusco, an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site and possessor of a style on its own. The tour begins at the Koricancha Temple, an old Incan palace and main center for the worship of the sun god, Inti. Once the Spanish conquered Peru, the Dominican order built a lovely church over top this temple’s foundations: the church of Santo Domingo that is still there today. Your next destination is the Main Square, and then the adventure continues at the Sacsayhuaman Fortress built of enormous stone blocks expertly shaped by the Incas. It is strategically located at the top of a hill overlooking Cusco. What a view of the city! The tour continues with visits to three archeological sites: “Qenko, Puca-Pucara, and Tambomachay”, important religious and administrative centers for the Incas. Finally you will visit an art workshop named “Inkas Expression” that presents artists working on silver pieces and painting in wood. This is an ideal place for the ones who like andean art.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Cusco.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 14 Cusco - Sacred Valley
    • Discover the best of the Sacred Valley of the Incas through this route starting on the Inca's Balcony, a beautiful terrace with an impressive view of Chinchero, where twelve families still preserve their traditional costums, showing you the ancestral way in which they process the wool, and obtain those vivid colors for their textiles. Afterwards, you will get to Ollantaytambo, one of the most monumental architectural complexes of the ancient Inca Empire, one of the few places where the Spanish conquistadors lost a major battle. Very well known for its “andenes” (terraces dug into the slopes of mountains for agricultural purposes), Ollantaytambo was a highly effective fortress, that also served as a temple. Then, you continue Ollantaytambo, “the unique living Inca town”: the best surviving example of Inca city planning, with narrow cobblestone streets that have been continuously inhabited since the 13th century.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Sacred Valley.
    • Included: Breakfast, lunch.
  • Day 15 Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu
    • Transfer to Ollantaytambo train station take the train ti Machu Picchu.
    • You will arrive to Aguas Calientes station in Machu-Picchu town and then you will be transported by bus to Machu Picchu citadel, one of the most renowned examples of the Inca’s architecture, surrounded by an amazing landscape of lush forest. Lost in history, Machu Picchu was not discovered until 1911 by the American explorer Hiram Bingham, but was built in the middle of XV century. The name of the citadel comes from the Quechua language that means “Old Mountain” and apparently was the principal Inca’s Sanctuary. After that enjoy a lunch.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Machu Picchu.
    • Included: Breakfast, lunch.
  • Day 16 Machu Picchu - Cusco
    • You can take a second visit to Machu Picchu. If you are adventurous, you might also enjoy of the adrenaline of ascending the Huayna Picchu peak which means “Young Mountain”, here you will visit the Temple of the Moon and what is worthwhile is the amazing view from the entire valley and Machu Picchu, therefore you can take awesome photographs from the full sight of the citadel.
    • At the appointed time, you will return to the station to take the train ride back to Cusco.
    • Transfer from the train station to the hotel in Cusco.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Cusco.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 17 Cusco – Puerto Maldonado lodge
    • Upon arrival, welcome at the airport and transfer to Tambopata River Port. For a boat ride to Posada Amazonas Lodge. Upon arrival, the lodge manager will welcome you and brief you with important navigation and security tips.
    • Canopy tower: A twenty minute walk from Posada Amazonas leads to the 30 meter scaffolding canopy tower. A bannistered staircase running through the middle provides safe access to the platforms above. From atop you obtain spectacular views of the vast expanses of standing forest cut by the Tambopata River winding through the middle. Now and then toucans, parrots or macaws are seen flying against the horizon, or mixed species canopy flocks land in the treetop next to you.
    • A daily presentation on the Infierno ecotourism project is available every night from a staff member.
    • Overnight at Posada Amazonas at Puerto Maldonado.
    • Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Day 18 Puerto Maldonado lodge
    • Tres Chimbadas is 30 min. by boat and 45 min. hiking from Posada Amazonas. Once there you will paddle around the lake in a catamaran, searching for the resident family of nine giant river otters (seen by 60% of our lake visitors) and other lakeside wildlife such as caiman, hoatzin and horned screamers.
    • Then a twenty minute boat drive downriver leads you to a trail designed by the staff of the Centro Ñape. The Centro Ñape is a communal organization that produces medicines out of forest plants and administers them to patients who choose their little clinic. They have produced a trail which explains the different medicinal uses of selected plants.
    • You will have the option of hiking out at night, when most of the mammals are active but rarely seen. Much easier to find are frogs with shapes and sounds as bizarre as their natural histories.
    • Overnight at Posada Amazonas at Puerto Maldonado.
    • Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Day 19 Puerto Maldonado lodge – Lima
    • After breakfast, take the ride back to Puerto Maldonado by outboard motorized canoe. Then transfer to the airport to take the flight back to Lima.
    • Overnight at selected hotel at Lima.
    • Included: Breakfast.
  • Day 20 Lima
    • Transfer to the airport for your international flight back home.


  • 4 nights of accommodation in Lima at selected hotel.
  • 2 nights of accommodation in Chiclayo at selected hotel.
  • 1 night of accommodation in Trujillo at selected hotel.
  • 1 night of accommodation in Paracas at selected hotel.
  • 1 night of accommodation in Arequipa at selected hotel.
  • 1 night of accommodation in Colca at selected hotel.
  • 2 nights of accommodation in Puno at selected hotel.
  • 3 nights of accommodation in Cusco at selected hotel.
  • 1 night of accommodation in Sacred Valley at selected hotel.
  • 1 night of accommodation in Machu Picchu at selected hotel.
  • 2 nights of accommodation in Puerto Maldonado.

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